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The Purge 4: The Island (2018)

The first part of the film liked the majority of fans of horror movies; want to find out why the government decided to create a Purge night? The fourth part of the movie tells about sociological theory, which proves that if a person is given freedom for one night and gives him the opportunity to free his aggression, he'll be happy for the next days, until the next Purge night...

The Mummy (2017)

This movie tell us the story of the daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh Ahmanet, soon she was supposed to ascend to the throne, but father's second wife born a boy, and Ahmanet lost the status of heiress. Being angry, she decides to make a deal with Set and kill her heir brother and her mother, for this murder Ahmanet received the highest punishment, she was buried alive, because such acts shows her dark side, person who did this, can't exist among other people. Sergeant Nick Morton didn't suspect that accidentally opening the tomb, he would release the greatest evil, now Ahmanet is free, and she is ready to complete the deal with Set, she needs to find a man for God of death, his soul will live in this man. Ahmanet continues to kill everyone in her way, who can stop such a ruthless and powerful creature?

The Strangers 2: Prey at Night (2018)

Based on real events, a horror movie titled The Strangers 2: Prey at Night, directed by Johannes Roberts, tells the story about young family. They have some financial difficulties and they decide to leave their home and start living in the trailer. Stopping near a deserted road for the night, they fall prey to three psychopaths in masks. They need to fight for their lives and rebuff the ruthless killers.

Hostiles (2018)

Captain Joseph J. Blocker receives a new assignment: he needs to deliver a warlord named Yellow Hawk. On the way to Montana, he meets a lot of strangers, they are all hostiles, but they need to join forces and start trusting each other, because on these lands lives many enemies.

Not every person makes sense out of crime movies because we always try to seem very kind and pretty to others. It continues till somebody gets on our nerves and we get a nervous breakdown. Then we are ready to kill him. Well, not literally but figuratively. Well, it comes down to luck.

Crime movies come to the aid in such situations. You enjoy your time and do not hurt anyone at the same time. The plot of such movies is always bewildering and the end is unpredictable till the very last minute. Many movies tell a similar story as the main character simply twists everybody round his finger and steals money. Then he goes far away to Maldives or any other country where he can hardly be found. But at the last minute this poor fellow gets a bullet in the forehead. And the most interesting fact is that his killer is a person whom he trusted the most. That is how cunning a criminal world is with its own rules and laws. No crime movie is possible without gun fights and car chases. Movies about mafia and well-known crime lords are the most popular. Such movies often contain elements of history and biographical cinematography. The plot is based on a crime, and the only difference is whether this crime is committed or not yet. The main characters of criminal movies are gangsters and even criminal groups. The Police do not step in their gangland killing. And the only way to prove a point is to become a part of this criminal gang and kill all the enemies. The criminal world is ruthless and the price for the mistake is life. However, do not worry - you are absolutely safe on the other side of the screen just watching the movie. Do it on our website as watching crime movies in high quality is much more pleasant.

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