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American Made (2017)

This movie tells the story about a pilot named Barry Seal, when he was a child, he immediately chose a profession and knew that he would become a pilot. After graduating from the aviation school, he began to work as a pilot, this is the youngest pilot in the whole company, he can fly the plane Boeing 747, but Barry was quick-tempered and unbearable, he disputes with his superiors, and later he was fired. Good pilots never left without work, and to get rich, he starts working with a large Colombian drug cartel. The Medellin cartel was led by Pablo Escobar, the most famous and large drug lord in history. The purpose of Barry was simple - you need to take drugs in Colombia and send them to other parts of the world, earnings were unrealistic. After a while, Barry had so much money that he didn't know where to put them and hide them, for this purpose he specifically opened banks in his city to send his money there. But he could not be unnoticed for long; the CIA became interested in his person, and offered him cooperation. Barry was supposed to deliver soldiers from other countries to the training base, because soon these soldiers had to put things in order in their country. But out of this desperate situation, Barry found a way out, now he works with the CIA and the drug cartel, but can he go unpunished? The movie AMERICAN MADE is a real story of a man named Adler Berriman, this is a biography movie that keeps the viewer in suspense and in some moments this movie is a good comedy.

King of Thieves (2018)

A crew of retired crooks pull off a major heist in London's jewelry district.

Pacific Rim 2: Uprising (2018)

Ten years ago we already fought with huge alien monsters, we created our monsters and entered into the battle, but the monsters again decided to attack our planet and now a new generation of pilots is on the defense. Alien monsters have become even larger, and the previous battle was only the beginning of a new war. Among the new pilots is a young guy Jake Pentecost, after a successful first battle he finished his studies, and became a criminal, but a new threat forces him to start training again. The new version of the monsters that we created has a powerful force and nano weapons that can repel any enemy. But will the battle be so easy?

Finding Dory (2016)

Dory is a blue surgeonfish, she has memory problems, she doesn't remember what was 10 seconds ago, but once she remembered very distant memories from her childhood, she remembered her parents and her house. Dory remembered Jewel of Morro Bay, and now along with Nemo and Marlin they go looking for Dory's parents. But along the way, Dory got lost, her friends must find Dory, she swims through all the barriers to meet her parents. New adventures and new friends await our characters: beluga Bailey, funny shark Destiny, and East Pacific red octopus named Hank, which will help Dory find her parents, in return she must give him a tag with which he will go to the aquarium in Cleveland. The adventures of the inhabitants of the underwater world begin!

What is better than spending time with your family, the closest and dearest people on this planet? Unfortunately most of us are deprived of this kind of happiness. We spend 8-12 hours a day working and when we come home late at night the only thing we dream about is to fall asleep. Or you want to play with your children but they are in their beds already.

How to solve this age-old problem? There is always an excellent variant for the whole family. This is this best family movie on! It can be watched by the whole family because there are no scenes of violence, murder or sadism that can scare not only children, but also some adults. Erotic scenes are also absent here. You should not worry for appearing some terrible hero to scare your little family members. This will never happen because family movie is so kind, calm, domestic and native. No need to spend money on going to the cinema with the whole family and what is more important you do not need to carve out a time in your busy schedule for watching family movies in high quality on Just come back home from work leaving a little bit energy to watch a cool movie with a professional voice acting together with your family. They will definitely appreciate this. But it is even better if you have a whole weekend for having good time and watching the best movies on our website. The existing collection of movies is constantly updating!

In addition to the pleasure that family movies bring your children will be taught to appreciates the good and make it to other people, understand the true meaning of life and identify the real values of this world. They will develop the best qualities that will be useful in their life. As for adults it will also be to their benefit.