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Book Club (2018)

Four friends decided to create their own book club. Every time they discussed different books, they tried to find something interesting for themselves, but one day a best-seller Fifty Shades of Grey appeared in the book club. From that moment their life changed, ordinary ladies began to think about their youth and vulgarity, and also to look boyfriends.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

Marvel Studious rejoices its fans again; this is the second part of the movie, which continues to tell the viewer about the adventures of Guardians of the Galaxy. They are ready to fight with any enemy, now they are working for hire and need to protect the batteries from the monster; in return they will receive the sister of Gamora - Nebula. Having coped with the task, and receiving a reward, they go further, but no one suspected that Rocket Raccoon will steal five valuable batteries. Now somebody hunts them, hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles are attacking the Guardians of the Galaxy, but an unknown person comes to their aid. Guardians of the Galaxy received small damage to the ship and forced to land, and it turns out that the unknown savior was the Ego; he is the father of Peter Quill (Star lord). Guardians of the Galaxy is grateful to the Ego for their salvation, they find themselves on the planet of the Ego, the human image he created for himself to look for other beings in the universe. Soon Peter learns about his father's plans - he wants to capture the entire universe and transform all the planets. The Guardians of the Galaxy understand the full danger, and Rocket makes a real bomb out of five stolen batteries, he needs to get to the core of the planet Ego and destroy it. To divert attention from Rocket, Peter and Yondu will fight with Ego. To save the universe, they are ready to do anything, but what will be the price of victory? The second part of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 liked the majority of viewers, a lot of positive feedback and ratings. We want to recall that on April 17, 2017, was announced the third part of the fascinating movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, in which we will again meet with our favorite heroes: Peter Quill (Star Lord), a mercenary Gamora, a merry Rocket Raccoon, a small tree Groot, and big man Drax.

Replicas (2018)

A genius scientist, biologist Will Foster lost his entire family in a car accident. He can’t put up with the loss of his loved ones and is ready to do anything to bring them back to his life. Having crossed all laws of the state and nature, he decides to clone his wife and child, practically he resurrected them. But the state doesn't allow doing such experiments, and for that there are reasons, because everything can get out of control...

A Quiet Place (2018)

The family lives in an American outback in a small house, inside this house the family keeps an ideal silence, because with any noise they can wake up evil. They created a special sign language, and even a walk around the house should not make a single sound. But it's too difficult to keep silence when there are two small children in the house...

The modern cinematography tries to please the grateful audience with a huge number of interesting new movies every year. The 2016 was not an exception. New movies of different genres were produced not in months, but in weeks, and many of them are already available on site in the best quality. One can watch these movies endlessly, but even if you watch them only once, you are guaranteed to get a lot of pleasure.

The premiere of the legendary "Warcraft" became one of the most expected in 2016, and according to the reviews of movie critics the sequel turned out to be a success. If you are crazy about movies where one superhero fights evil and bad guys, then the movies of 2016 will be definitely to your taste. "Batman v Superman", "Deadpool" and the continuation of "X-Men: Apocalypse" were released just that year. And these are only several movies of this genre. They are filled with not only bright special effects but also a very intricate plot. If you like movies based on true events and telling about the life of legendary personalities, you should definitely watch the novelty of 2016 - "The Duel of the Brothers. The history of “Adidas” and “Puma”, which will take you to the beginning of the 20-ies. The movie tells about two brothers who founded their own shoe empire together, but after the World War they decided to work separately. They founded the factories Adidas and Puma, in fact, dividing Germany into admirers of the products of two brands, the confrontation of which continues to this day.

Drama and comedy fans will also find interesting movies. And even if you are a lover of horror movies, you absolutely do not have to go back to the middle of 90th years of the last century to download one of the cult movies ("Don't Hang Up" for example). It may seem surprising, but 10-15 years ago people had to waste hours to find and download a favorite movie in Internet. Today you should just visit to find the movie you need very quickly, and then watch it in high quality online. No downloads and no risk to get virus. All the movies we have go through antivirus check.

Of course, many sites offer movies of 2016 for free but not always in good quality. Watch the movies on our website because the high quality of movies is a rule for us. We understand that the pleasure we get directly depends on the quality of the movie. It does not matter which category of movies you prefer, because everyone who wants to find the latest movies of 2016 will be able to watch them online.

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