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Night School (2018)

Each of us made mistakes in his youth. Teddy Walker has to attend night school to pass the GED exam to finish high school and find a new high-paying job.

Tag (2018)

For thirty years, throughout May, five friends, Jerry, Callahan, Hoagie, Randy and Sable are playing the game — Tag. When Jerry and Rebecca celebrated their wedding, four friends decided that at that moment Jerry, who had never lost, would be a weak target, but they were wrong. One month in a year they risk losing everything: work, relationships and life, all for the sake of the game Tag!

It (2017)

Georgie and Bill are two brothers, they live with their parents in the small town Derry, in this city children often disappear without a trace, and no one can find them. One rainy day, Georgie and Bill made a paper boat, and Georgie, despite the weather, dresses a raincoat and runs to the street to send the boat on a voyage, since then the little boy hasn't been seen. Bill can't reconcile with the loss of his brother, he believes that he didn't disappear, he is alive and Bill wants to start his own investigation to find his brother. Later, a group of friends understands that in the city every 27 years a clown named Pennywise wakes up, he is guilty of the disappearance of children. Brave Bill and his friends are trying to confront the clown, they'll have to see all their fears in real life and find the Pennywise hut. This summer the guys will never forget, the main thing is to stay alive!

Traffik (2018)

Brea and John go out of town to enjoy each other and make a romantic weekend. By chance, Brea had the girl's phone from the gas station, and now they are being pursued. The young couple became victims of the gang, and now they are fighting for their lives...

If a person is lack of motivation or it seems that everything goes completely wrong he should appeal to successful stories of sportsmen. It is current and ex-sportsmen who shows how to chase a dream through pain and tears. Athletes reveal their character at the right moment, having strength when it seems impossible. Sport movies are so popular because they give a chance to touch history.

Sport movies are interesting not only for people involved in sports. We face some kind of a competition in our everyday life. We try to be efficient at work to be first to get a promotion. We do our best to be good husbands, wives and children not to upset our families. And it happens all the time. The same is in sport - everyone should reveal his best qualities. It is the only way to win. Sport movies tell us not only about the life of separate athletes, but also about the history of sports clubs, and sport development. And even if some kind of sport (for example American football or golf) is new for you watching a movie will help to understand the rules of this game. And no need to waste time reading specialized literature. Agree it is a lot more fun to watch movie in good quality enjoying every moment of the movie.

But not only physical data and abilities can influence the final result of the competition. Scheming and meanness is shown in many movies. You may like it or not but the winner is not always the strongest one. Most sport movies are useful for the audience as they show a burning desire to win. While looking at sportsmen doing their best we put ourselves a question. Is he better than me? And the answer is NO! You realize that nothing is impossible and it only depends on you.

You may not be a great hockey player and be the second Wayne Gretzky. Everybody does what he likes and what he is capable of. You can succeed at work, remembering how great sportsmen went through failures before they achieved success. Their stories inspire you even when it seems that the whole world is falling apart. That's what sport movies are good for. Moreover they are full of real action. A cool script, some interesting storylines, special effects and a professional acting make such movies worth watching. Do it on our website as all the movies we have are in good quality.