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Logan (2017)

The movie's actions unfold in 2029, the number of mutants decreased, those who managed to survive will fight against the new threat. Forces leave Logan, he can't regenerate as before, Charles Xavier (Professor X) also lost his strength, and he is suffering from headaches due to Alzheimer's disease. Logan began to live a simple life; he works and wants to make money to buy a yacht to sail to the ocean with Charles. For Logan, there is another mission, he needs to take a girl named Laura Kinney to safety, she is a project X-23 of Transigen Corporation. Soon, Logan understands that Laura is his daughter. Wolverine must save the girl and ensure her safety.

Fist Fight (2017)

The school year ends, today is the last day at the Roosvelt High school, which ends with a nightmare for English teacher Andrew Campbell. The school budget is reduced, and several teachers will be dismissed, all teachers are nervous, because no one knows who will be left without work. Between Andrew and Ron Strickland (history teacher) there was a quarrel, they are summoned to the director's office, who doesn't want to find out who is to blame. Richard Tyler wants to fire both teachers, but Andrew said that Ron broke the phone and the desk. Now Ron wants to beat up Andrew and now he defies him to fist fight.

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle (2017)

Harry Hart is a secret agent, a true professional who can to sacrifice his life to save the world. A year ago, he managed to overcome the enemy, but soon he'll have to go through many new challenges. The last head office of the secret service 'Kingsman' was destroyed by unknown people, the world was in danger and only a few men, who managed to survive, are ready to again engage in battle with the enemy.

Galahad and Merlin learned that along with the Kingsman service, was created another secret American organization - 'Statesman'. Two countries must unite the efforts of secret services, whose agents must become a real team to defeat a new enemy. They don't have time, because the enemies are beginning to embody a cunning plan to conquer the world...

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Two superheroes met in the same city, Batman and Superman save lives every day, but Superman caused much more damage to the city, and many believe that Superman is a real threat to the entire planet. Batman is fighting crime in Gotham City, and is trying to find out information about new weapons, in this case is involved the company "LexCorp", led by Lex Luthor. A new threat struck the city, Batman and Superman, along with the Wonder Woman, should be in defense of humanity, because the new enemy is very dangerous.

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These movies tell about the events of the middle and second half of the 19th century, and the Westerns themselves are very similar to movies of other genres - action movies, adventures and mystery movies. Sometimes you can even find elements of a comedy and laugh a lot, but it's still worth remembering that western is not a simple genre. And if your aim is to relax and have good fun, it's better to choose one of the comedies. There can be some funny moments in westerns but almost all the movie is about the struggle between good and evil. A cowboy, who does not agree with existing laws and orders, begins to fight to them actively. And it depends on his personal qualities and his weapons either he win or not.

Teenagers who believe in the image of a brave and courage cowboy simply adore watching westerns. Such a hero is able to get out of the water in any, even the most difficult situation. Teenagers really want to resemble these cowboys, and that's great. The main thing is not too warm to this role and solve all the problems without using force, and all the more, not to use weapons for these purposes. Everything was fully different in the time of the Wild West; there were completely different orders and laws, so you should take westerns without extra initiative.

But what should not be done is to ignore these movies. They will not only help you to spend time with pleasure, but also are good for teaching self-control. Our website tries to keep an eye on all the latest cinema novelties not to miss any important movie. Westerns are not the last in our list to watch, since the number of western lovers grows with every passing year. Not everyone will accept watching movies in bad quality. You will not face this problem with 7putlockers.com because all the movies we post are if not in HD, then in very good quality with a good professional voice. Watching and downloading any movie we have is free of charge. Enjoy watching!